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I cook poorly, I craft obsessively and I love the look of a retro cocktail. When I am feeling guilty about taking time away from my family with my obsessions, I make videos about my guilt as "The Guilty Crafter" or I blog here. Thanks for stopping by!

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Shaker Card AM Northwest

My latest appearance on AM Northwest. Shaker cards! Shout-out to Jillibean Soup for gifting me with a cute set of cards to show.

To see the (recorded) live segment, click here:


Portlandia Fashion: Put a Bike On It

Have I mentioned how much I adore Portland? Oh? Just a billion times? Well, in my accelerated attempts to blend in with the locals, I have many clothes that embrace the "Put a Bird On It" concept made famous (or infamous, depends on who you ask) by the TV show Portlandia. But even I know there is a limit to how many birds I can sport around town so I'm starting to have this compulsion to but a BIKE on everything else. And why not? Portland is a total bike city.

Check out this project I did today. I had a spare, oh, 5 minutes in my day when I remembered that I had this really cute S*E*I Iron-On Art flocked transfer from a sponsored goody bag (the perks of attending craft trade shows). What I also had handy (as in , I wore it all weekend and it was lying in a heap in the corner of my bedroom) was this fairly drab skirt I got from a thrift store recently. The skirt is the perfect thing to wear over crazy leggings when paired with my favorite black rain boots but it really is too plain for my tastes.

One hot clothes iron later, and I have permanently ironed on this super cute- and FLOCKED!- bicycle transfer and totally jazzed up my little skirt. Notice how I added it to my skirt straddling a side seam for a little off-center, custom look? Now it looks like one of those expensive, hand silk-screened skirts I've been coveting at the Portland Saturday market and no one will be the wiser. Hmmm... I wonder if S*E*I makes birds too...


DIY Chocolate Bar Note Pad Set

(subtitle: How I Bought a Candy Bar as a Gift for a Child, Ate it Myself and Still Managed to Look Thoughtful)

Here's a typical morning at the Guilty Crafter house. No lunches have been made, kids have crazy bed head and I'm convincing everyone that cold cereal is a delicious alternative to their prefered eggs and oatmeal. And what am I doing in all this chaos? Making a spur of the moment craft, of course. Out of trash and a little guilt.

Here's the backstory: my little crafter woke up sad this morning because she realizes winter break means not seeing her best friend "Peach" every day (don't worry, Peach has a beautiful classic name she can use when she becomes president of the United States later).  That reminds me of the really cool gourmet candy bar I bought for Peach recently. I bought it because the packaging was so cute and said, you guessed it, "Peach" really big on the front. The problem is, I realized AFTER I bought the chocolate bar that it contained ingredients Peach is allergic to. I really had little choice but to eat the candy bar myself (because I care so deeply about The Children). Got all that?

So this morning, I am hugging my sad little girl and I realize we should make Peach a little gift so she can write notes to my little crafter during winter break. As luck would have it (or I guess we can blame the natural hoarding tendencies of crafters), I had saved the candy bar box. With a few sheets of peach colored craft paper, an overly sharpened pencil (really, my little girl sharpened and sharpened it until it was short enough to fit in the box), a bit of ribbon and a hole punch, I whipped out a quick little note set. My little girl's mood was lifted, I salvaged the special chocolate bar purchase, Peach will get a little giftie and I got to eat a pretty tasty candy bar for breakfast- almost guilt-free. It was a success all the way around.

Oh and the lunches? A banana, a juice box and a really unimaginative sandwich. But it all got done in time for the kids to catch their bus. Crafty mom for the win!