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I cook poorly, I craft obsessively and I love the look of a retro cocktail. When I am feeling guilty about taking time away from my family with my obsessions, I make videos about my guilt as "The Guilty Crafter" or I blog here. Thanks for stopping by!

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Shaker Card AM Northwest

My latest appearance on AM Northwest. Shaker cards! Shout-out to Jillibean Soup for gifting me with a cute set of cards to show.

To see the (recorded) live segment, click here:


How to Decorate Free Slippers

If you're having a really good (fancy) vacation, someone, at some point, is going to give you free, white slippers. You might get a pair while you're luxuriating at a spa, you might find some waiting in your swanky hotel or you might be given a less fluffy pair after you've gotten a fancy pedicure. Or maybe you just buy yourself a clearance rack pair of white slippers at Macys and pretend that you've been on a fancy vacation (guilty). The common theme is, they're always white. *Yawn.*

Check out how I jazzed up the pair of plain white slippers I received while I was out of town earlier this week. I do work for Rit Dye so you know I can't be content with just plain, old white, right? It's as easy as using a cosmetic sponge to color the slippers in any hue that you like. The only crafty curve-ball I added to this project was using Elmer's blue gel glue to act as a resist to the dye. Put the glue wherever you don't want dye and they sky is the limit on design options. I went for my go-to fave: polka dots.

P.S. You can always peek at more of my Rit Dye work via my Rit Studio at:

P.P.S. You can buy Rit Dye in a variety of colors and the Elmer's gel glue at your local Walmart, Michaels or Joann Stores.



DIY Chocolate Bar Note Pad Set

(subtitle: How I Bought a Candy Bar as a Gift for a Child, Ate it Myself and Still Managed to Look Thoughtful)

Here's a typical morning at the Guilty Crafter house. No lunches have been made, kids have crazy bed head and I'm convincing everyone that cold cereal is a delicious alternative to their prefered eggs and oatmeal. And what am I doing in all this chaos? Making a spur of the moment craft, of course. Out of trash and a little guilt.

Here's the backstory: my little crafter woke up sad this morning because she realizes winter break means not seeing her best friend "Peach" every day (don't worry, Peach has a beautiful classic name she can use when she becomes president of the United States later).  That reminds me of the really cool gourmet candy bar I bought for Peach recently. I bought it because the packaging was so cute and said, you guessed it, "Peach" really big on the front. The problem is, I realized AFTER I bought the chocolate bar that it contained ingredients Peach is allergic to. I really had little choice but to eat the candy bar myself (because I care so deeply about The Children). Got all that?

So this morning, I am hugging my sad little girl and I realize we should make Peach a little gift so she can write notes to my little crafter during winter break. As luck would have it (or I guess we can blame the natural hoarding tendencies of crafters), I had saved the candy bar box. With a few sheets of peach colored craft paper, an overly sharpened pencil (really, my little girl sharpened and sharpened it until it was short enough to fit in the box), a bit of ribbon and a hole punch, I whipped out a quick little note set. My little girl's mood was lifted, I salvaged the special chocolate bar purchase, Peach will get a little giftie and I got to eat a pretty tasty candy bar for breakfast- almost guilt-free. It was a success all the way around.

Oh and the lunches? A banana, a juice box and a really unimaginative sandwich. But it all got done in time for the kids to catch their bus. Crafty mom for the win!


Coco the Chicken's DIY T-shirt (Craft Wars Pop Challenge #4) 

Last week it was so fun to watch my friends Andrea and Lisa on the show and this week I get to see the ever-fabulous Margot Potter. When Pattye and I were filming our episode, we decided to torture the PA assigned to us. He had to stay with us non-stop and was at our mercy (poor guy) He had warned us he wasn't allowed to tell us the names of any contestants who had already filmed episodes so when he'd ask us for our lunch order, we'd say, "What did MARGOT POTTER have for lunch when SHE was here?!" Then we'd watched his expression to see if he'd give anything away (he just look exasperated). If he asked us if we needed something to drink, we'd say, "We'll take what ANDREA CURRIE had while she was here" and so on. For HOURS. Funny thing is, those were the main two crafters we guessed had been cast. And we were RIGHT! Cool beans!

But you're here for my Pop Craft Challenge of the week. So on episode #4, the contestants had to make a little keepsake box for their Pop Challenge. Since the box I made for Coco the Chicken LAST week is so similar, I decided to listen to all my Facebook friend's suggestions about what I should make this week. So, I'm taking my 2 current Craft Wars obsessions and combining them for this week's Pop Challenge...

Yep. That's right, I was inspired by last week's contestant's "Krafty Kathy" shirt to make a little t-shirt for Tori Spelling's pet chicken (have I mentioned she has a pet chicken?). Staying true to my crafting style, I made this out of recycled materials and with little bits of crafting supplies left over from other projects. This little t-shirt was free to make and took me all of 10 minutes. It looks that way? Well, I vote for humor over beauty in crafting almost all the time. Here are some steps you can follow to outfit your own pet chicken at home:

Gather up your supplies. The main thing you'll need is an old t-shirt. I used a logo'd t-shirt someone gave me at a convention a few years ago. I'm not even sure what the company does or why I've keep it that long but I was happy to have it on hand for this project. Second rule of Craft Club- never throw anything away. Anything. 


   Next, very neatly, cut one sleeve off the t-shirt. Cutting close to the seam (but not through it) let's you take advantage of a hem of sorts so you don't have to do any sewing for your chicken t-shirt.

Next, you'll want to add your "Krafty" words on to the t-shirt. If you're going for permanence, by all means use iron-on letters. I didn't have any on hand so I used some scrapbook letter stickers.

 Once you have your letters on, go crazy with fun trim. I had lots of lace leftover from Coco's toy box from last week so I thought it would be nice to have her little t-shirt match her toy box. Do all scrapbookers dress their pets and kids to coordinate in photos? I do.   And since I don't (currently) have a pet chicken to model this little t-shirt for me, I used the next best thing- my little girl's parrot stuffed animal. It is approximately the same size as Coco which helped me verify that the t-shirt was snug without being too restricting. Perfect!

What do you think? I may have strayed a bit from the Pop Craft on the show but I can't imagine any chicken without their own custom t-shirt, can you? And so inexpensive and easy, too. So here's YOUR challenge for the week, watch Craft Wars tomorrow night and think of ideas to suggest for my Pop Craft challenge for NEXT week. It will air at a new time (8pm-7pm Central), by the way.Until then, do stop by and check out my fellow Craft Wars Vets- they have made their own variations of this week's challenge too: 

Esther Hall's clever candle stick craft (via Nikki's Blog)

Pattye's Wedding Wishing Tree

Cheryl's From Jeans To Wedding Dreams

Margot's Keepsake Book


Hunger Games Crafts

During winter break, my son kept insisting that I read The Hunger Games trilogy. He had just finished it and really, really wanted me to read it too. I kept putting it off until one morning, he brought me breakfast in bed WITH my Kindle- all cued up to the first book in the series. By the time the weekend was over, he had brought me breakfast in bed TWICE, entertained his sister and made sure I had enough alone time to finish all three books. As he knew I would, I loved the series and we were both excited to have someone in the house to talk about the characters with. This week, I'm taking him to the midnight opening show of the movie (which he thinks is extra amazing because it's on a school night).


AND since I love a theme, it seems only fitting that my kiddo and I wear something Hunger Games related to the show, right? He already has a Hunger Games District 12 shirt he got for Christmas so that just leaves me. My brilliant plan was to ask my most talented crafter friends to make Hunger Games accessories to inspire me. You can see each individual blog post I wrote for their projects at or you can just click on the projects photos above to go directly to their blogs. Hunger Games crafting inspiration for DAYS! I'm thinking I was pretty smart to think of this although if I had been smarter, I would have gotten them to send me these great accessories so I didn't have  to make my own. Next time!


I Made This!

I put more details (and a few more angles/photos) on the Fiskateer blog HERE but I think this photo is pretty self-explanatory, right? 


Royal Wedding Fascinator- Yes, You CAN Make One


Remember how sent me a bag of goodies and asked me to make something, anything, and present my final project live today? Well, I decided to get all dolled up for the Royal Wedding Party I'm attending tomorrow and you can to! All you need is a bit of cardboard, some tissue paper and some ribbon and any other "bits and bobs" you have laying around. Here's what I did: I cut a tear-shaped piece of chipboard from the side of a cardboard box (a thin one because your hat will look more "jaunty" if you can bend it length-wise, down the middle so it has some dimension.  Use glue (I used Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue "I Love to Create" sent me because I love quick dry- I'm so impatient!) to cover the tear-drop in pretty tissue paper to make your fascinator's base and then just pile on the outrageous embellishments. If you can get something whispy to curl down and brush against your cheek, even better (I just used thin cut strips of cardboard that I painted with Tulip Fabric Spray Paint and Tulip Fabric Glitter Paint). Sky is the limit. And I have no trouble at all keeping mine on (place toward the front of your head at a tilt) with 2 bobby pins! I think I will be the most fabulous woman at the grocery store tomorrow when I stop in after the party I'm going to!



Hipster Puppy





Another funny site I don't want to forget.  I think I should submit Hamlet.  Or maybe he's more corporate and less "hipster." A few weeks after trimming this retro business collar off an old shirt and putting it on him, we still spend several hours a week saying things like "You need to go outside and do your business?" and "How was your meeting?"  And then laughing at our own wittiness while he merely looks confused. Poor dog.