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I cook poorly, I craft obsessively and I love the look of a retro cocktail. When I am feeling guilty about taking time away from my family with my obsessions, I make videos about my guilt as "The Guilty Crafter" or I blog here. Thanks for stopping by!


Make Greeting Cards from Last Year's Calendar (Portland's AM Northwest Appearance)


Boho Fringe Macrame Purse

Now that our cute chicken coop is done (see post below), I'm buckling down to have a summer of dyeing. I love, love working for Rit dye- what a fun product. It's super open-ended. I kind of make or buy anything I love and then dye it a color or colors that I love. I post my tutorials at but I thought I'd also add some of what I'm doing here. 

Here's a little purse I bought at Target. Why on earth was it all white orginally?! 2 1/2 bottles of dye later, it matches all my favorite outfits. Too cute! It took about 1/2 hour (not including dry time). You can check out my step-by-step tutorial here:



The Chicken Coop Build


Since my last blog post where I debuted all our new baby chicks, they have grown FAST. Incredibly fast. This has lead to Mr. Angela Daniels spending every waking moment on The Most Unnecessarily Huge Chicken Coop in History™  I'm not even going to bore you with plans and dimensions. You can Google chicken coops and find enough information to occupy your bedtime reading for weeks (literally, just ask my husband).

Long story short, we used some reclaimed stuff including a fabulous old barn door I picked up at our local school's auction. Honestly, this door probably dictated a lot of the size of the coop because I simply had to have it in the overall design. The other part of the design I was excited about was being able to use up a lot of random paint samples that have been piling up in the garage. It's always great to use something. It makes me feel I'm that much more removed from being nominated for an appearance on Hoarders.

If we ever get tired of raising chickens, I am going to clean out the coop, add a few throw pillows and list it on Airbnb. 

The Chicken Flags/Bunting

Since I work for Rit Dye, naturally, I had to add a Rit touch to our coop too. You can check out how I hand-dyed and stenciled the chicken flag/bunting via my Rit Studio at: They were WAY easy. I promise. you can use the same technique and make any theme. Crazy cat lady bunting maybe?



Here Chick, Chick, Chick

When my son was 11, he went through an intense chicken phase. We had met a woman with a gorgeous coop who was delighted that my son was interested in her chickens.  She ignored my non-verbal hints and armed him with tons of information and even a pet carrier for his future baby chicks. I kept stalling. Finally, I challenged him to read a huge book he picked out at the bookstore about backyard chickens. "Read the whole book and then convince me you know more about chickens than anyone I've ever met and I will let you get chickens," I vowed.  I never learn. Overnight, he became a chicken savant and I reneged on our deal.  Life intervened and his chicken mania abated a little and I was relieved.

Now, my daughter is 11 and she has joined the good fight. I thought having chickens at their new school would take the edge off this need for chickens at home. No. She recently came home armed with her own chicken book. She bombarded us with chicken facts. Soon, Mr. Angela Daniels was staying up late into the night reading up on every chicken coop building site he could find online. I have been outnumbered and out lasted.


May I introduce our girls? We each picked out 1 chick (and then 1 as a "spare" because we're cynical like that). We have a: Silkie ("Pearl"), a Barred Rock (her name has changed so many times but for the moment, she's "Frieda"), the so-ugly-she's-adorable Madagascar Game Fowl ("Bacon"), the timid "chicken chicken" Gold Sex Link ("Stardust") and the most adorable and full of personality Ameraucana ("Calypso").  My son is the only one of us who had researched breeds based on personality rather than looks and darned if he didn't hit the jackpot with Calypso.  What can I say, I am a little smitten with our chickens. Chicken smitten.

Mr. Angela Daniels can currently be found building the Taj Mahal of chicken coops a little too close to a neighbor's fence. I think when it's completed, it could  house a dozen or so chickens. Not gonna happen though. We'll stick to our 4 and a spare.  



Come Create With Me This Weekend!

Of all the many, many crafting events I participate in every year, Maker Faire tops my list of favorites. There really is something for everyone- high end inventions, fire, woodworking, metal, crafts, upcycling. You name it- if it's innovative and from the mind of passionate, creative people, it's at Maker Faire.  Never been?  Jump in your hovercraft and join me. I'll be showing you how to use Rit Dye to makeover clothes you didn't think you'd ever wear again. Bring a bag of your clothing donations and join the fun!


Anatomy of an April Fools' Day Lunch #5

I thought I was running out of ideas for April Fools' day lunches but a trip to the grocery store inspired me. Since my kids now look forward to my twisted April 1st lunches for them, this year, when they open their lunches, I hope they'll trick their friends by eating all this without hesitating. Watching someone eat "mayonnaise" by the spoonful and drink straight "apple cider vinegar-" can you imagine something more disgusting? And apologies to people who don't mind eating a frozen veggie medly on occasion. In the Guilty Crafter house, we would all revolt. In every sense of the word.

Happy April Fools' Day, eveyone. 


Guilty Crafter's April Fools Day Roundup

Over the past few years, I have really embraced April Fool's Day lunches. My kids are not fooled at all at this point but they do love to see what I come up with. If you search "April Fool's Day" in the search bar on this blog (to the left), you'll get more details on each individual food. Filling a banana peel with lemon jello, was a bit tricky, for example and you might need some tips on opening cans from the bottom to empty them out to add other foods. but since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought I'd gather all the final photos I have so far for one quick, easy look. Click on the thumbnails for bigger images. Questions? Ask in the comments sections below:



Sometimes I Teach Classes

Just keep this little "clipping" I found on Twitter. This class was a lot of fun. Color trends are always fascinating but we also gave our class VIP treatment in our booth and had them make several projects using Rit dye.


How to Dye Shoes in a Mason Jar

I'm still happily dyeing away for Rit dye over at I realized I should probably be adding my projects to my own blog as well as their site. For now, I think I'll add my photos. Just click on the photo to be taking to the site for my step-by-step tutorials.




Portlandia Fashion: Put a Bike On It

Have I mentioned how much I adore Portland? Oh? Just a billion times? Well, in my accelerated attempts to blend in with the locals, I have many clothes that embrace the "Put a Bird On It" concept made famous (or infamous, depends on who you ask) by the TV show Portlandia. But even I know there is a limit to how many birds I can sport around town so I'm starting to have this compulsion to but a BIKE on everything else. And why not? Portland is a total bike city.

Check out this project I did today. I had a spare, oh, 5 minutes in my day when I remembered that I had this really cute S*E*I Iron-On Art flocked transfer from a sponsored goody bag (the perks of attending craft trade shows). What I also had handy (as in , I wore it all weekend and it was lying in a heap in the corner of my bedroom) was this fairly drab skirt I got from a thrift store recently. The skirt is the perfect thing to wear over crazy leggings when paired with my favorite black rain boots but it really is too plain for my tastes.

One hot clothes iron later, and I have permanently ironed on this super cute- and FLOCKED!- bicycle transfer and totally jazzed up my little skirt. Notice how I added it to my skirt straddling a side seam for a little off-center, custom look? Now it looks like one of those expensive, hand silk-screened skirts I've been coveting at the Portland Saturday market and no one will be the wiser. Hmmm... I wonder if S*E*I makes birds too...